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Organizational Planning

The purpose of developing an Educational Technology plan is to produce continuous action that creates and maintains a technology-rich learning environment.  An Educational Technology plan is the single most important ingredient to effectively establish and support a 21st century learning environment and ultimately provides your organization with a road map or a navigational chart for the inclusion of technology in all facets of the organization.  The planning process begins with an analysis of organizational needs and translates these needs into technological and pedagogical requirements along with desired outcomes.  Developing a plan for using technology to support education reform means much more than providing for the acquisition of computers and software. A successful Educational Technology plan promotes meaningful learning and collaboration, provides for the needed professional development and support, and responds to flexibly and change.

Our planning process is designed to include on a number of key aspects:

  • Organizational vision and goals
  • Maximizing the use of existing resources
  • Informed acquisition planning
  • Ensuring equality and  accessibility to all
  • Defining an adequate support  structure
  • Establishing an effective staff training program
  • Allowing for continuous program evaluation
  • Locating and selecting funding sources

School.EXE will assist you in thinking through your priorities in order to use technology in a way that directly furthers the organizational mission.

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Core Capabilities

- Leading and Navigating Change
- Leveraging Tech. to Maximize Value
- Developing Organizational Capacity
- Strategic Advisory and Planning
- Technology Assessments
- Vendor Selection
- Content and Instruction Consulting
- Program and Project Management
- Integration and Interoperability
- Teacher Professional Development
- Support Program Development
- Shared Services
- Education Sustainability Planning





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