School.EXE offers education strategy consulting, and implementation services to educational institutions and the educational companies that serve them. We partner to help organizations become better positioned to achieve their goals, allocate resources, and effectively plan for the future.

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School.EXE Products and Services

We at the School.EXE Consulting Group believe that the establishment of a successful educational technology program should include elements of planning, acquisition, integration, oversight, professional development, support and ongoing improvement. A targeted approach to each of these areas and an alignment of them will afford sustainable growth and success in the long term, ultimately leading to a healthy program with increased student achievement levels. We offer our expertise within each of these areas, with an unmatched level of commitment and desire to advance the needs of your organization. The School.EXE approach is cyclical in nature and learner centered:


Organizational Consulting

· Developing a strategic vision for your organization in the area of Instructional Technology
· Creating a technology blueprint that will serve as a guide for your organization
· Instructional Technology Product Sourcing - Connecting your organization with effective educational solutions tailored to meet your specific needs
· Educational Technology policy development - Supporting and speeding up the process of technology adoption
· Building sound staff development programs that ensure the effective integration of technology throughout your organization

Operational Oversight

· Technology selection and acquisition planning
· Deployment and integration of technology hardware and software solutions
· Support program development and sustainability
· Training program roll-out including online and distance learning programs
· Process simplifications for quick decision making and implementation

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Planning

· ICT policy and resource development
· Technology instruction and support structure consulting
· Technology standards identification, bid writing, and responding to RFP's
· IT infrastructure planning and project management
· Vendor relationships, communication and oversight

Instructional Development

· Comprehensive examination of existing program and evaluation of needs
· Development of standards-aligned Instructional Technology Plans
· Educational solution evaluation, analysis and recommendations
· Tailor made staff development program planning and delivery
· Instructional support programs for teachers
· Ongoing program evaluation through the integration of a customer feedback cycle


Core Capabilities

- Leading and Navigating Change
- Leveraging Tech. to Maximize Value
- Developing Organizational Capacity
- Strategic Advisory and Planning
- Technology Assessments
- Vendor Selection
- Content and Instruction Consulting
- Program and Project Management
- Integration and Interoperability
- Teacher Professional Development
- Support Program Development
- Shared Services
- Education Sustainability Planning





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