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1. Leadership
(About School.EXE/The Company)
... the advancement of your instructional technology program. Contact us for more information.   Coby Enteen, Ed.S., M.Ed Mr. Enteen launched a distinguished career as Educator, Instructional Technology ...
2. Research
(General/General Site Information)
Educational Technology Research You Can Trust Looking for education market research that can help you make decisions? Trying to understand how to cultivate 21st century learning in your institutions? ...
3. Funding
(General/General Site Information)
... entities offer added funds promoting innovation and providing for the acceleration of technology programs within your schools. School.EXE will assist you with identifying adequate funding resources ...
4. Implementation
(General/General Site Information)
... mind' needed for initiating and sustaining a successful program from end-to-end.  We are committed to helping you through the development and delivery of all aspects of your Educational Technology program.  ...
5. Product Selection
(General/General Site Information)
... success of your Educational Technology program often hinges on this process.  Therefore it is critical to weigh the options carefully and ensure that the educational products are effectively aligned with ...
6. Organizational Planning
(General/General Site Information)
... plan is the single most important ingredient to effectively establish and support a 21st century learning environment and ultimately provides your organization with a road map or a navigational chart ...
7. Clients
... for improvement. School.EXE is earger to assist you in developing your educational technology program. Contact us today for more information.  ...
8. Services
... the needs of your organization. The School.EXE approach is cyclical in nature and learner centered:   Organizational Consulting · Developing a strategic vision for your organization in the area ...
9. About Us
(About School.EXE/The Company)
...  organizations and school leadership, our team becomes your team. From strategic planning and integrative change to business intelligence, evaluation, assessment, selection, procurement, research, ...

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