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2020 Vision: Experts Forecast What the Digital Revolution Will Bring Next In September 1993, Linda Roberts was appointed inaugural director of the newly created Office of Educational Technology within ...
2. Leadership
(About School.EXE/The Company)
Leadership Coby Enteen, Ed.S., M.Ed Managing Director Mr. Enteen launched a distinguished career as Educator, Instructional Technology Leader and Senior Project Manager for Broward County Schools ...
3. Research
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Educational Technology Research You Can Trust Looking for education market research that can help you make decisions? Trying to understand how to cultivate 21st century learning in your institutions? ...
4. Funding
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Funding Sources One of the most difficult aspects of implementing technology in schools is locating funding sources needed for purchasing and maintaining new and existing technologies.  It ...
5. Contact School.EXE
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... Technology.  ...
... within the field of Educational Technology: Professional Organizations Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) Smartbrief ...
7. A New National Ed Tech Plan
(Industry News/Jan 2010)
A New National Educational Technology Plan As America’s brand-new director of education technology, career educator Karen Cator underscores the determination of President Obama and U.S. Education Secretary ...
8. 5 K-12 Technology Trends for 2011
(Industry News/Dec. 2010)
5 K-12 Technology Trends for 2011 As technology continues to infiltrate every corner of the K-12 educational space, administrators, teachers, and students are undoubtedly curious about what's coming ...
9. Implementation
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Implementation At School.EXE we understand that planning and preparation are significant components to the development of a healthy and long term Educational Technology program. However, the project ...
10. Product Selection
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Product Selection At School.EXE we understand that the process of identifying and selecting appropriate educational technology solutions is not a trivial matter.  furthermore, we are aware that the overall ...
11. Organizational Planning
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Organizational Planning The purpose of developing an Educational Technology plan is to produce continuous action that creates and maintains a technology-rich learning environment.  An Educational Technology ...
12. School.EXE Products
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... which enable schools to incorporate their own curriculum to suit their individual needs.  Our products are defined by ease and flexibility designed to be used by educators, not technology experts!  ...
13. Welcome
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...  begins with evaluation of student needs, the empowerment of teachers through the adoption of technologies into the learning environment.  We believe that accessible technology, “curriculum-aligned” ...
14. Clients
Our Clients We serve a diversity of clients in both the public and private sectors Time to Know Inc.: Our consultant developed and oversaw a comprehensive instructional technology implementation and ...
15. Services
School.EXE Products and Services We at the School.EXE Consulting Group believe that the establishment of a successful educational technology program should include elements of planning, acquisition, ...
16. About Us
(About School.EXE/The Company)
About Us School.EXE Education Group was founded by a group of experienced professionals, working in the area of Education and Technology performance improvement. Our consulting advisers boast of ...
17. Publications
... positioned to achieve their goals, allocate resources, and effectively plan for the future. Contact Us Below is a list of current online publications related to the field of Educational Technology. ...
18. British Journal of Educational Technology
(News Feeds / ED Tech News)
19. Campus Technology
(News Feeds / ED Tech News)
http://campustechnology.com/rss-feeds/news.aspx ...
20. Convergence Magazine (Educational Technology)
(News Feeds / ED Tech News)
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