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1. Research
(General/General Site Information)
... and support.  We understand how critical it is that effective decision-making be backed by research. Our research experts understand the issues and challenges facing educators. From increased ...
2. Funding
(General/General Site Information)
... is extremely important that school districts develop a funding plan which takes into account all associated costs such as hardware, software, and ongoing professional development and support.   Furthermore, ...
3. A New National Ed Tech Plan
(Industry News/Jan 2010)
... improvement processes at all levels of the education system. 3. Teaching: New ways to support those who support learning. Technology can enable mentors, coaches, and peers to better support learning ...
4. Implementation
(General/General Site Information)
... implementation stage is just as important.  In many cases plans are shelved due to inadequate ‘follow-through’ with implementation, integration, training and support.  School.EXE has a great deal of experience ...
5. Product Selection
(General/General Site Information)
... (TCO) Ease of Use Support Training Longevity School.EXE will assist you in identifying and selecting educational technology solutions which best meet your organizational needs. Contact ...
6. Organizational Planning
(General/General Site Information)
... plan is the single most important ingredient to effectively establish and support a 21st century learning environment and ultimately provides your organization with a road map or a navigational chart ...
7. Welcome
(General/General Site Information)
... software, and instructional support are essential in developing 21st Century skills where every child can succeed in school and in life.   Our clients include school districts, community and national ...
8. Clients
... support program. The work involved due diligence, specification documentation, training program development, and support procedures. The client is very satisfied and is now underway to adopt our recommendations ...
9. Services
... integration, oversight, professional development, support and ongoing improvement. A targeted approach to each of these areas and an alignment of them will afford sustainable growth and success in the ...

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