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1. Leadership
(About School.EXE/The Company)
... the advancement of your instructional technology program. Contact us for more information.   Coby Enteen, Ed.S., M.Ed Mr. Enteen launched a distinguished career as Educator, Instructional Technology ...
2. Research
(General/General Site Information)
... legislation and program funding to the latest trends in teaching and technology, we have a deep understanding of the education market and vast experience communicating with educators.  We will assist ...
3. Funding
(General/General Site Information)
... with developing an effective plan and allocating funds for a sustainable Educational Technology program. In addition to federal, state and local funding opportunities (such as E-Rate in the U.S.), private ...
4. 5 K-12 Technology Trends for 2011
(Industry News/Dec. 2010)
... schools while helping to expand technological capabilities. 5. Teachers will have access to expanded professional development programs. Click here to read the complete article.   School.EXE offers ...
5. 730 U.S. schools trying to reinvent themselves
(Industry News/School.EXE News Spotlight)
... The program is voluntary. The approaches include: closing the school and moving kids to other buildings; restarting a traditional public school as a charter school; firing most of the staff and starting ...
6. Implementation
(General/General Site Information)
Implementation At School.EXE we understand that planning and preparation are significant components to the development of a healthy and long term Educational Technology program. However, the project ...
7. Product Selection
(General/General Site Information)
... success of your Educational Technology program often hinges on this process.  Therefore it is critical to weigh the options carefully and ensure that the educational products are effectively aligned with ...
8. Organizational Planning
(General/General Site Information)
... to all Defining an adequate support  structure Establishing an effective staff training program Allowing for continuous program evaluation Locating and selecting funding sources School.EXE ...
9. Clients
... support program. The work involved due diligence, specification documentation, training program development, and support procedures. The client is very satisfied and is now underway to adopt our recommendations ...
10. Services
School.EXE Products and Services We at the School.EXE Consulting Group believe that the establishment of a successful educational technology program should include elements of planning, acquisition, ...

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