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1. Leadership
(About School.EXE/The Company)
... the advancement of your instructional technology program. Contact us for more information.   Coby Enteen, Ed.S., M.Ed Mr. Enteen launched a distinguished career as Educator, Instructional Technology ...
2. Research
(General/General Site Information)
... will assist you in educational technology market research in order to best meet your organizational needs. Contact us for more information.  ...
3. Funding
(General/General Site Information)
... is extremely important that school districts develop a funding plan which takes into account all associated costs such as hardware, software, and ongoing professional development and support.   Furthermore, ...
4. A New National Ed Tech Plan
(Industry News/Jan 2010)
... students use outside of school and the more limited technology available to them in the classroom. She said America’s ed-tech plan will promote careers in science, technology, engineering, and math—but ...
5. 5 K-12 Technology Trends for 2011
(Industry News/Dec. 2010)
... around the bend in 2011. Will the cloud continue to reign? Will more schools embrace student-centric mobile devices? A handful of technology experts and came up with a short list of top tech trends they ...
6. 730 U.S. schools trying to reinvent themselves
(Industry News/School.EXE News Spotlight)
... paths to get a piece of the more than $500 million set aside for transforming schools where too many children are failing to learn  “This is tough, tough work, but it’s desperately needed,” U.S. Education ...
7. Implementation
(General/General Site Information)
... your organization.  Contact us for more information.  ...
8. Product Selection
(General/General Site Information)
Product Selection At School.EXE we understand that the process of identifying and selecting appropriate educational technology solutions is not a trivial matter.  furthermore, we are aware that the overall ...
9. Organizational Planning
(General/General Site Information)
... requirements along with desired outcomes.  Developing a plan for using technology to support education reform means much more than providing for the acquisition of computers and software. A successful ...
10. Clients
... for improvement. School.EXE is earger to assist you in developing your educational technology program. Contact us today for more information.  ...
11. About Us
(About School.EXE/The Company)
...  implementation, project oversight and IT management our experts work to meet the diverse needs of educational organizations.   We look forward to hearing from you.  For more information please ...

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