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... shaping the future. John Bailey: The internet and broadband have been transformative in enabling all sorts of reforms. Online learning wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for the internet revolution ...
2. Leadership
(About School.EXE/The Company)
... Portal (BEEP).  His work with educational institutions, leading industry publishers, technology partners, and standards bodies has helped facilitate the advancement of technology into teaching and learning ...
3. Research
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Educational Technology Research You Can Trust Looking for education market research that can help you make decisions? Trying to understand how to cultivate 21st century learning in your institutions? ...
4. Funding
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... of Philanthropy Grantsmanship Center   Corporate Grants & Awards Corporate funding programs provide either direct funding or technology hardware as requested by the learning facility. Educational ...
... e-Learning Network (EDEN) European SchoolNet Bringing Educational Creativity to All (BECTA) Publications and Blogs Australian Journal of Educational Technology (AECT) Technology in Class ...
6. A New National Ed Tech Plan
(Industry News/Jan 2010)
... these four focus areas: 1.  Learning: Enabling unprecedented access to high-quality learning experiences. 2. Assessment: Measuring what matters and providing the information that enables continuous ...
7. 730 U.S. schools trying to reinvent themselves
(Industry News/School.EXE News Spotlight)
... Secretary Arne Duncan said Thursday.  Most of the schools fired their principals and changed their entire approach to learning this school year, while others replaced much of the staff. Yet Duncan said ...
8. Organizational Planning
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Organizational Planning The purpose of developing an Educational Technology plan is to produce continuous action that creates and maintains a technology-rich learning environment.  An Educational Technology ...
9. School.EXE Products
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... and enhancing the overall learning experience.  Our products are designed to empower teachers and engage students by addressing specific educational needs, institutional priorities,  ICT policies and long ...
10. Welcome
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Created with the vision of guiding educational organizations into the 21st century by increasing student access to effective learning technologies accompanied by careful planning and evaluation. School.EXE™ ...
11. Services
... hardware and software solutions · Support program development and sustainability · Training program roll-out including online and distance learning programs · Process simplifications for quick decision ...
12. About Us
(About School.EXE/The Company)
...  strong professional and academic achievements with decades of collective experience in incorporating technology into the learning environment.   Leveraging our robust experience in academic and ...
13. Canadian Journal of Learning Technologies
(News Feeds / ED Tech News)
14. TechLearning
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http://www.techlearning.com/rss ...

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